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The role of states and localities in protecting workers’ rights has never been more important. New officials and agencies are engaging in labor standards enforcement, new laws are being passed and new enforcement strategies are being tested. The Enforcement Project, funded in part by the Public Welfare Foundation, fills a critical need in examining and strengthening innovative state and local actions and initiatives. 

The Enforcement Project works with government agencies and officials engaged in enforcing workplace laws. Among other things, the project:

  • Collaborates with state attorneys general, convening a network of offices interested in protecting the working people of their states;
  • Seeks to develop the potential role of district attorneys in enforcing workplace laws; and
  •  Provides technical assistance to state and local government labor agencies, as well as to worker organizations and advocacy groups seeking to collaborate more effectively with government.
  • Conducts research on matters affecting low-wage workers, and potential ways states and municipalities can address their needs.


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State and Local Enforcement: Stepping Up and Filling In on Workers’ Rights

October 25, 2018

by Sharon Block

Harvard Law School’s Labor and Worklife Program has launched the Project on State and Local Enforcement. The Project will partner with enforcement agencies, lawmakers, worker advocates, and others to fill a critical need in examining and strengthening innovative state and local actions and initiatives.  Specifically, the project will:... Read more about State and Local Enforcement: Stepping Up and Filling In on Workers’ Rights

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