Talita Camila Gonçalves Nunes

Talita Camila Gonçalves Nunes

Talita Camila Goncalves Nunes

Talita Camila Gonçalves Nunes is a visiting scholar at the Labor & Worklife Program, Harvard Law School. She holds a research master’s degree from the University Federal of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Brazil where she is pursuing doctoral studies.   A labor lawyer for the past ten years, she currently serves as student general coordinator of PRUNART - Labor Relations and Administration of Justice Support Program at UFMG, and she serves as a member of the GEDEL Group - Electronic Justice and Law Research Group of the Regional Labor Court of Minas Gerais.  She is a Co-founder member of IDEIA – the Law and Artificial Intelligence Institute in Brazil. Talita is Study Group Coordinator for "The Future of Labor: Labor Reform and the Effectiveness of International Labor Law in the National Labor Protection System.”  She has also written the book A PRECARIZAÇÃO NO TELETRABALHO: ESCRAVIDÃO TECNOLÓGICA E IMPACTOS NA SAÚDE FÍSICA E MENTAL DO TRABALHADOR [“Precariousness in Telework: technological slavery and impacts on the physical and mental health of workers.”

Her academic interests mainly focus on labor law, labor reform, administration of justice, artificial intelligence, trade unions, online dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution – mediation, conciliation and arbitration. 

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