Dora Sari

Dora Sari

LWP Fellow
Research on Labor and Trade
Dora Sari
Ms.Dora Sari has nearly ten years of work experience on the labour field, with a focus on collective labour rights and relations. She has a background in international and national labour law and is currently pursuing her PhD in political science at the University of Geneva. As part of her involvement with a two-year research project funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies (“A Social Clause through the Back Door: Labour Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreement”), her thesis endeavours to investigate the causes and consequences of labour provisions in preferential trade agreements. Among her achievements is the development of the Labour Rights Indicators now hosted at the Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Global Workers’ Rights, where she is a Senior Advisor on the project. She is a research fellow at the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard University for the year of 2017 as a Swiss National Science Foundation fellowship holder.

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