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Why MBAs haven’t got a clue about front-line workers: Business school programs ignore the plight of the working class. That must change.

April 26, 2018

By Jeremy Avins, Megan Larcom and Jenny Weissbourd 
Boston Globe

"Harvard’s Trade Union Program has since shrunk and moved to the law school, physically and ideologically distant from the minds of business leaders. In today’s MBA programs, writes MIT Sloan School of Management professor Thomas Kochan, “Labor relations is often either ignored or, if covered, curricula tend to focus on how to avoid rather than how to work with” workers’ rights groups."

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Breached Podcast on Employment

April 25, 2018

This episode explores what a social contract of employment looks like, given the changing nature of work in the 21st century economy. We hear from Tom Kochan, a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management; Oren Cass, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute; Steven Pedigo, an assistant professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies; and Sharon Block, Executive Director of the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School.

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We need an agenda for new laws to prevent sexual harassment

December 2, 2017

By Sharon Block and Terri Gerstein
The Guardian

What we’ve learned from the current flurry of revelations about sexual harassment is that public shaming may reform behavior but the law, as is, won’t. That means we need a broad agenda to change the law to protect the millions of women who don’t work for a famous boss.

In so doing, we should be especially careful to protect low-wage women workers, who often have less economic mobility than better educated, higher-wage workers, and are even less able to quit when they end up in a hostile work environment.... Read more about We need an agenda for new laws to prevent sexual harassment

Roona Ray

"Why I was arrested while asking Sen. Portman to vote against TrumpCare"

July 6, 2017

By Dr. Roona Ray

"Dr. Roona Ray, a public health and HIV specialist, writes in the op-ed below of her arrest, along with nearly 40 other health care professionals and others, during June 28 sit-ins in and near Sen. Rob Portman's Capitol Hill office"

Dr. Ray has lectured at the Harvard Trade Union Program.