Learning from the Covid Disruption: A Stop/Start/Continue Analysis for Unions

June 1, 2022
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Elaine Bernard
Labor Notes

Just about every union activity has been disrupted or transformed. A period of massive disruption, how­ever, is also an opportunity for change. Seeing how quickly some of your long­established practices stopped, and new practices started, demonstrates that change is possible. 

As we (hopefully) emerge from the pandemic, we don't have to return to the way things were. Though the disruption was for an unpleasant reason, maybe some of the changes it prompted were good-they opened new opportunities or helped more members get involved. 

Rather than automatically revert to your old "normal," it's worth thinking about how the practices of your union or organizing committee have changed over the past two years. Then you can decide how you want to continue in order to chart a more effective path forward. 

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