Harvard Trade Union Program’s Alumni Association (HTUPAA)

Who We Are

Harvard Trade Union Program Alumni Association (HTUPAA) is comprised of graduates of the Harvard University Trade Union Program (HTUP), an intensive five- week executive training program for trade union leaders. Since 1942, HTUP has been preparing union leadership for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


HTUPAA was founded to maintain and deepen relationships formed within each HTUP class and to create a strong network of HTUP alumni. A HTUPAA scholarship was established by alumni so that all union brothers and sisters can atend and experience the HTUP regardless of financial resources.


HTUP alumni are cordially invited to the annual HTUP welcome dinner for the incoming HTUP class and the annual HTUP commencement ceremony to meet new HTUP members and other alumni. HTUPAA hosts an anniversary celebration every five years – a weekend of lectures, workshops, and social events for alumni to reconnect with familiar classmates and make new friends. HTUP’s 80th anniversary celebration will be held in 2022.


Become a HTUPAA member today to support HTUPAA activities. Membership dues and gifts make possible the HTUPAA newsletter
and other mailings about HTUP activities. To become a member or renew your annual membership, visit or fill out the HTUPAA form in the brochure.

HTUPAA Officers

HTUPAA elects officers every even year  following the annual commencement ceremony of the HTUP. The 2018-2020 officers are:

President: Donald Sheehan ’07, IBEW 103
Vice-President: Dennis Slaughter ’07, NEA
Treasurer: Kevin Monahan ’11, IBEW 103
Secretary: Michael D’Intinosanto ’10, MNA
Director Emeritus: Elaine Bernard, Executive Director of HTUP, 1989-2017
International Liaison Mike O'Connor '18 CFMMEU - Australia

2020-2021 Board

Larry Bachtell '20 ILA
J’Amey Bevan '20 IBB
Elaine Carlson '20 SPEEA-IFPTE
Mary Fusco '18 USW
Tamara Lefcowitz '20 USW
Amber Miller '19 USW
Jess Rallojay'19 IUOE
Debra Rigiero '20 MNA
Mike Yestramski Jr. '20 WFSE/AFSCME

To get involved, email and follow us on Facebook @HTUPAA


Email with your most updated home email address as we transition to primarily using digital communications.

Harvard Trade Union Program 
50 Church Street, 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA 02138 
Phone: 617-495-7678 

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