UNRIGGING THE MARKET: Convening to Restore Competitive Labor Markets


Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 8:30am to 4:30pm


Harvard Law School

A diverse group of stakeholders including economists, law professors, private and public practitioners, advocates, and policymakers convened to explore how anticompetitive forces are harming American labor markets and workers. Participants discussed opportunities for coordinated research, enforcement, and policymaking to enhance labor market competition and protect workers. Justice Catalyst served as a co-host and partner for the convening. The convening agenda can be found here.

We’re delighted to share “Ten Steps Toward a More Competitive Labor Market,” a written piece that came out of the conversations we at the convening on how to advance labor market competition.

Brief issue papers were solicited from experts and practitioners for convening attendees to read in advance to help orient the discussion. Some of the briefs are available below.




New Challenges

Below are copies of select presentation slides and additional resources from the convening.

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