Clean Slate Convening on Facilitating the Formation and Sustainability of Powerful Worker Organizations


Tuesday, October 9, 2018 (All day)


Harvard Law School

First working group meeting of the Rebalancing Economic and Political Power:  A Clean Slate for the Future of Labor Law  Project

Purpose: Increasing inequality can be attributed in part to the expansion of “right to work” and declining union density, such that we need new ways to form and sustain worker organizations.  At this convening, we will debate how workers should decide whether to be represented and how workers can most effectively support the organizations that represent them. 

Agenda - English
Agenda - Spanish

Opening remarks by Sharon Block
Opening remarks by Sharon Block and keynote by Alexander Hertel-Fernandez

Information on collective bargaining and union density in Canada - English     Spanish

List of possible worker choice and revenue generation models discussed - English    Spanish