Prosecutions of wage theft and other employer crimes


Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 3:30pm to 5:00pm



Hosted by Economic Policy Institute on Zoom

Join us for a panel discussion on how criminal prosecutions protect workers’ rights and ensure a level playing field for law-abiding employers. Hear from elected district attorneys about why they support this work and from line prosecutors about cases they have brought. Speakers will share ways prosecutors and worker organizations can build relationships and work together to improve workplace enforcement. 

Featured speakers:

District Attorneys:
Michael Dougherty
, Boulder County District Attorney (Colorado)
Jose Garza, Travis County District Attorney (Texas)

Front-line prosecutors:
Susan Crumb
, Senior Assistant Hennepin County Attorney, Complex Crimes Unit, Hennepin County Attorney's Office (Minnesota)
Danielle Newsome, Assistant District Attorney and Labor Liaison, Philadelphia District Attorney's office

Terri Gerstein, Director, State and Local Enforcement Project, Harvard Labor and Worklife Program and Senior Fellow, Economic Policy Institute