Infrastructure Finance and the Pension Fund Role in It Conference


Thursday, February 12, 2009, 5:00pm


AFL-CIO Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Anna Beeferman Art

The discussion included trustees and officials of public sector and Taft-Hartley pension plans, pension and policy experts, union officials and staff, investment practitioners, and scholars. The meeting canvassed the federal policy landscape of grant, tax and other measure to support and incentivize investment in infrastructure and explored new ideas for such measures that make more pension fund investment in infrastructure practicable. Participants also reviewed the current landscape of investment opportunities for pension fund investment in infrastructure, the strengths and weaknesses of those approaches as the relate to issues of financial risk and reward as well concerns of labor, and considered new ideas for investment, among them ones involving collaborations among pension funds.

  • Project Finance
  • Current Vehicles for Infrastructure Investment by Pension Funds
  • Pension Fund Experience with Direct Investment
  • Current and Alternative Policies for Financing Infrastructure
  • Alternative Vehicles for Infrastructure Investment by Pension Funds
  • Next Steps: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles or Problems.


Agenda [Download PDF]

Resource Book - Table of Contents and Selected Readings [Download PDF]