Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer?: New Approaches to Funding Biomedical Innovation


Friday, April 20, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Baker 103, Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School
SPEAKER: Andrew W. Lo (MIT Sloan School)

BACKGROUND PAPER 1: “Just How Good an Investment Is the Biopharmaceutical Sector” Nature Biotechnology (Thakor, Anaya, Zhang, Vilanilma, Siah, Wong, and Lo)
BACKGROUND PAPER 2: “Use of Bayesian Decision Analysis to Minimize Harm in Patient-Centered Randomized Clinical Trials in Oncology”
JAMA Oncology (Montazerhodjat, Chaudhuri, Sargent, and Lo)
BACKGROUND PAPER 3: “Patient-Centered Clinical Trials” Drug Discovery Today (Chaudhuri, Ho, Irony, Sheldon, and Lo)
BACKGROUND PAPER 4: “Machine-Learning Models for Predicting Drug Approvals and Clinical-Phase Transitions” (Lo, Siah, and Wong)
BACKGROUND PAPER 5: “Estimation of Clinical Trial Success Rates and Related Parameters” (Wong, Siah, and Lo)
See also: SEWP Seminar, SEWP, 2018