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The curriculum is taught as a series of thematically related seminars and cases.  The seminars feature exchanges with innovative practitioners and analysts in a variety of fields and are designed to alert the participants to new developments. The diverse selection of seminars provide an opportunity for participants to meet a variety of Harvard faculty, faculty from neighboring universities, and senior labor leaders to discuss selected topics of concern to labor the world of work.

The core curriculum is designed to give all participants a grounding in a common set of themes, issues and skills. We offer the following core courses:

  • Strategic Choices for Labor Union Leaders
  • Leadership
  • Themes in U.S. Labor History
  • Capital Strategies for Labor
  • Managing Dispute Resolution Systems

In addition to the core curriculum classes, the HTUP has six thematic curriculum areas. The classes in this area are primarily individual classes so the participants can experience a variety of topics and experts. The thematic curriculum areas include:

  • Current Legal Issues
  • Economic Issues
  • Negotiations and Labor Relations
  • Union Organizing and Capacity Building
  • Technology
  • Community Relations

The program also sponsors three university-wide public forums named after academics and labor leaders who have been important to the program and the labor movement. They include: Jerry Wurf Memorial Forum, John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum and the James Green Memorial Forum on Labor History.

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