Clean Slate Future of Labor Law Research Fellowship


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The Future of Labor Law Research Fellowship is a year-long fellowship for recent law school graduates with a commitment to expanding access to collective bargaining for working people and to reforming labor law. The Fellows will work with existing organizing campaigns led by Jobs With Justice. The Fellows will be based in Denver, CO and Portland, OR.  In Denver, our Fellow will be affiliated with a campaign to build a strategic partnership between a government agency and a non-profit organization on labor law enforcement. In Portland, our Fellow will explore a campaign to implement sectoral bargaining in one industry at the municipal level.


Fellows will: (1) share findings with the Clean Slate Project on how labor law obstructs worker collective action, or could better facilitate such activity, and recommendations for how to re-write labor law to better support collective action; and (2) provide advice to the campaign with which they are placed that is grounded in their research. Fellows will work closely with and receive mentorship from Clean Slate Project  and Jobs with Justice staff.




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