Changing Labor Markets Project

Carol Simpson Cartoon: If the middle class is the backbone of America, we need an economist who moonlights as an orthpedic surgeon.The American middle class has been under stress for decades.  In just the last several years, research has confirmed that intergenerational economic mobility is dramatically declining, income inequality is increasing with median wages stuck in decades of stagnation while the growth of GDP and the wages of at the top of the income scale accelerate, and the overall wealth of the American middle class is being eclipsed by another country for the first time.  The Changing Labor Markets Project of the LWP examines the root of this downward pressure on labor standards, including competition from lower paid workers overseas, changes in business models – the so-called fissuring of work relationships, the decline of union density and the impact of technological change.   In addition, the project explores why the mechanisms that historically have driven higher labor standards are failing, including the role of the labor movement, federal legislation and competition in the labor markets.  Finally, the Project undertakes activities designed to strive for solutions to the challenges posed by these changes.  

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