Past Events

  • 2017 Feb 14


    4:00pm to 6:00pm


    Ames Courtroom, Austin Hall Harvard Law School 1515 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
    Larry Beeferman, Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project, LWP
    Brent Booker, Secretary Treasurer, North America's Building Trades Unions
    Donald Cohen, Executive Director, In the Public Interest
    Kevin DeGood, Director, Infrastructure Policy, Center for American Progress
  • 2015 Feb 19

    “Labor, Racism, and Justice in the 21st Century”

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Rev. Lawson and Naomi Walker
    Naomi Walker and Rev. Lawson

    Introduction by Naomi Walker, Assistant to the President of AFSCME

    Reverend James Lawson excerpt:
     “…. to make a long story short, I want to try to say that the experiment to have a democratic society is the most important experiment the human race has launched, probably ever. To lift human life to a level where we have the capacity to govern ourselves and to live with one another and to create cooperation rather than war and violence is the great frontier for the 21st century and beyond. And in that act of shaping democratic society, unions are absolutely essential.”

    Brochure of full speech [Download]

  • 2014 May 07


    Wed - Fri, May 7 to May 9, 9:00am - 5:50pm


    Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA

    Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project, Labor and Worklife Program
    in collaboration with 
    PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine, Chair Dauphine-Ensae-Groupama  
    Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

    “Pension Fund Investment in the Long View: Where, With What Goals, and Why?”

    From May 7 to May 9, 2014, the Project held its twelfth annual conference, this year, in collaboration with PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine, Chair Dauphine- Ensae-Groupama. Trustees from the United States and Canada were joined by senior pension fund staff, scholars, researchers, and others from across the United States as well as from Brazil, Canada, France, Morocco, and the United Kingdom. The conference explored a range of issues with a particular eye to the meaning, import, and practice of long-term investing in general and how it relates to investment in emerging market countries in particular.
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  • 2014 Feb 06

    "Citizens Derided: Corporate Politics & Religion in the Roberts Court"

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Jamin Raskin Darrin Spann
    Jamin Raskin,
    Professor, American University,
    Washington College of Law &
    Maryland State Senator

    Introduction by 
    Darrin Spann, Assistant Director of AFSCME Council 13 in Pennsylvania 

    Opening Remarks by Professor Jamin B. Raskin: 
    "In 2010, in the 5-4 Citizens United decision, the conservative majority on the Roberts Court broke from government 'of the people, by the people, and for the people,' and gave us a constitutional blueprint for government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. It held that for-profit corporations have the right to spend unlimited sums—million or billions of dollars-- promoting or disparaging candidates for public office."

     Brochure of full transcript [Download]