2018 Apr 25

    Equal Pay Act @ 55: Successes, Challenges & Momentum

    10:00am to 12:00pm


    WCC 2019 Milstein West A, Harvard Law School

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    Registration 9:30am | Program 10:00am – 12:00pm

    It’s been 55 years since the passage of the Equal Pay Act, so where are we now? Join HLS Labor & Worklife Program and Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner Charlotte Burrows for a panel discussion that explores the state of equal pay, its successes, challenges and momentum. The panel includes diverse leading perspectives from academia, business leaders, enforcement, and advocacy. The opening keynote is Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

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    2018 Apr 04

    Labor Problem: Can We Create Just Supply Chains in the Global Economy?



    Wiener Auditorium, Taubman Building, Harvard Kennedy School

    Please join us for the first Pollak Lecture Series event of 2018. Richard M. Locke, Provost and Schreiber Family Professor of Political Science and Public and International Affairs at Brown University, will speak. Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, will provide an introduction. 

    Co-sponsored by:  by Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Relations and Resource Development. The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Carr Center for Human Rights, Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, and the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government are co-sponsors. 

    2017 Dec 01

    Innovative Approaches to Migrant Worker Advocacy

    12:00pm to 1:00pm


    Harvard Law School, WCC 3018

    A talk with Mervat Jumhawee, El Hassan Workers’ Center (Jordan)
    JJ Rosenbaum, Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, will moderate the event.

    Join us for a conversation on migrant workers’ rights in Jordan’s garment sector in the free trade zones with Mervat Jumhawee, Advocacy Officer for the El Hassan Workers’ Center. [Download Flyer]... Read more about Innovative Approaches to Migrant Worker Advocacy

    2003 Oct 07

    "The Future of the Democratic Party and the Latino Vote"

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Bill Richardson

    Bill Richardson
    Governor of New Mexico
    Introductions and Opening Remarks by: Elena Kagan
    Harvard Law School,
    Harvard University

    Gerald McEntee
    American Federation of
    State, County and
    Municipal Employees

    Opening Remarks by Elena Kagan, Dean, Harvard Law School:
    " This is a great privilege for us. Actually, before I say anything else I'd like to welcome Jerry Wurf's family: Mildred Wurf and his children, Abigail and Nick Wurf. We are extremely pleased that you could join us today.
        For those of you who don't know, Jerry Wurf was the seventh president of AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which is now one of the biggest unions in America. Most of that union's great growth, really its coming into being as a major force in the union movement, took place under Jerry Wurf, who was really one of the great modern labor leaders."

    Brochure of Transcript [Download]

    2001 Oct 04

    "The Strength of America"

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Al Gore

    Honorable Albert J. Gore

    Opening Remarks by Lawrence H. Summers, President, Harvard University: 
     " Al Gore is going to speak to us about the strength of America. In a moment, I want to say a few words about the strength of Al Gore but, before I do, I want to say a few words about public service. I want to recognize Jerry Wurf, someone I knew well as his family vacationed near mine in Wellfleet, Massachusetts and someone who I admired for his commitment to doing the right thing by the people he represented and doing the right thing by this country. Jerry made what I think is a point that none of us at the university can make often enough or strongly enough and that is the importance of public service. There was only one group of people who were going up the stairs in the World Trade Center on September 11 and those were public servants. Public servants. People who are paid by taxes. People who were workers in the government of New York City, workers in the government of New York State and workers in the government of the United States. Anyone who wants to say that government work is wrong or that government is wrong or that government is bad should think about those people going up those stairs at that moment."

    Brochure of transcript [Download]

    1989 Nov 01

    "The Changing Role of the Union and Competitiveness"

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Keynote Address: "The Changing Role of the Union and Competitiveness"
    Donald Ephlin
    International Vice President and Director of the
    General Motors Department, United Auto Workers

    William Lucy
    International Secretary-Treasurer, American
    Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

    Postscript I: Lessons Learned
    Linda Kaboolian
    Research Fellow in the Center for Business
    and Government, John F. Kennedy
    School of Government, Harvard University

    Postscript II: The Forces Driving Change
    Kim Clark
    Professor of Business Administration,
    Harvard Business School

    Brochure of Transcript [Download]

    1984 Nov 01

    “Employment and Welfare”

    4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Olof Palme
    Olof Palme,
    Swedish Prime Minister

    "Some time ago in Vienna, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Bruno Kreisky's speech when he retired as chancellor and leader of the Austrian Social Democratic Party. As we in the audience sat there listening, we expected to hear an account of his long and eventful life and of his wide-ranging and successful political experiences. But not at all! Bruno Kreisky talked only about the future. At his retirement from official life, the whole of his thinking was looking forward..."

    Brochure of transcript [Download]